Endrit Mullisi: We don't live in scary times, but for sure we don’t live in a free society anymore

Nga: Endrit Mullisi*

Do we live in scary times? Depends where we live in and what do we care for. As a peaceful citizen I'm glad when I hear about banning and restricting certain ideologies to be spread online. I'm not a friend of those violent radicals. But I'm concern with the witch hunt platform to put down anyone who has a different opinion regarding group identities. There are white Canadians that are not hired in certain workplaces or accepted in universities and none talks about that, but it's a lot of noise regarding anyone else who doesn't get what they look to be normal. It's wrong to identify certain groups with their skin color or political preference, as within those groups very few are violent radicals.

As a new Canadian with Mediterranean skin color, with a mother language that is unknown to most, with a community that is very disperse and doesn't raise the voice for anything, I'm left to live, fight and succeed alone. So, when I give an opinion, I represent only myself, so I don't need to be identified with certain condemned groups. If I apply for a government job, today I will not have a good chance if I don't know someone inside or if I say that I'm Caucasian. My university diploma is not acknowledged in the same way like those from commonwealth countries. So, I'm not a white Anglo-Saxon, I don't have English as first language, I'm a straight male, a Christian by convictions, a pro-lifer and someone who cares for the rights of everyone. Not few times, people call me white supremacist, racist and homophobic when they don't have arguments in certain conversations. I'm not a Darwinist who believes that races have evolved from Africa, so I have no chance to be a white supremacist. I'm not a homophobic. I'm one of those who dare to say in public what most say in private.

Does Canada have safe space for people who are true to what they believe and say? Tell me. We all hear about the right wing extremism, but none is telling about left wing extremist ideologies, like they don't exist. The Marxists are everywhere in public society and comfortably supported. We don't live in scary times, but for sure we don’t live in a free society anymore. Socratic discussions are not allowed anymore, as certain groups will be uncomfortable and offended. Teachers in public schools have less and less freedom, unless they want to lose their well-paid jobs. Students have become more and more involved siding with leftist propaganda. They are allowed to say anything in school properties against politicians with a right alignment, but never against left wing leaders. Think about that and find respectfully your place in our society. Don't be a neutral coward, learn from history.

*Albanian-Canadian free-thinker and a contributor to FlasShqip.ca

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