My COVID-19 rant... - By Fisnik Basha

The longer this pandemic lasts the more it reeks of falsehood. I question the criteria for re-opening life. How is it safer now to enjoy drinks on a patio when the virus is still present? What made it unsafe before if now seems safe? Did it stop growing exponentially? Now, when there are way more cases than we had back in February/March?

Did you see the 2m/6ft distancing signs in elevators? I am 1.85 m tall. If I lie down in almost any elevator I know for sure I will barely fit or won’t fit at all, not even diagonally. We now have the occasional pleasure of being participants in groups of three idiots in elevators standing on signs that make no sense.

Sanitizers? From what I have gathered in my field there is an impossible waiting list for an alcohol-based sanitizer that actually works against COVID-19. Apparently, the ones produced by breweries do nothing and you are better off just washing hands with soap thoroughly. But if you like squirting sanitizer, please don’t let anything go against your religion.

Masks? Didn’t they say it is better not to wear a mask because it causes you to touch your face as you adjust it? They also said the virus is not airborne. So... the purpose of masks is mainly to protect you should anyone sneeze or cough or vice versa in the event that you sneeze or cough? But when was the last time anyone sneezed or coughed in your face? But anyways, if you need masks, they are available on Amazon ($$$)! They come in different styles.

The supplies running short... makes sense when there is demand, which entails people purchasing continuously and supplies running out quickly as a result. But you can’t buy what doesn’t exist on the shelves, can you? So what is generating the demand? Yes, I understand, production slowed down. But why the production of masks specifically?

Do you know what the result of this is? It is anger. Pent up anger and frustration with rules changing every week and trying to keep up. Arbitrary rules. Non-science. Politics. Mass hypnosis.

And I should follow science, right? But why is a big tech billionaire working on a vaccine? Doesn’t this concern you?

I do not discredit science and I actually find assertions like “believing in science” to be misleading and futile. There is no belief in it. It’s supposed to be objective, verifiable truth. However, I also recognize that money can buy science too. And it can put science to a purpose people may not agree to.

Don’t get me wrong. I take all the precautions not to infect others but I am skeptical. Maybe that’s exactly why I take precautions, even in believing bullshit... I am skeptical. Highly skeptical on this one.